Guruvayoor temple

The idol of Guruvayoorappan in this temple is being worshipped for the last five thousand years, according to legends. Narayaneeyam, which was written by Narayana Bhattar, was in Guruvayoor temple. Guruvayoor, which is known as Booloka Vaikuntham, is located in Trichur District of Kerala. People from all parts of the world are visiting this temple and it is one of the popular temples of South India.

There are regular flight services from various parts of India to Kochi, which is the nearest airport. The distance between Kochi and Guruvayoor is 108 kilometers. Bus facility is also available from Kochi to Guruvayoor. Train services are also available to reach Guruvayoor. It is very easy and comfortable for tourists to stay in Guruvayoor, since many hotels are available for them, very near to Guruvayoor temple.

Generally, it would be better for travelers to reach Guruvayoor by evening or night, so that they can relax for a few hours. The Guruvayoorppan Temple tank is very beautiful and devotees take shower in the sacred tank from 2 AM, so that they can enter the temple by 3 AM. This area is tropically humid throughout the year it would be very cold during winter season. The best period to visit Guruvayoor is from September to March, when the climate is nice for travelers, which would not be cold to take sacred dip in the tank.

Devotees have special interest with this temple, since they can feel difference in their life, after visiting Guruvayoor temple. Devotees offer various articles, such as flowers, fruits and vegetables and rice, equal to their bodyweight as their vow. There are many elephants in this temple and they are decorated in a grand manner, during important festival days, it is a great sight to enjoy.

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