Guruvayoor temple timings

The Guruvayoor  temple opens early morning at 3 AM. Nirmalya Sevai is available from 3 to 3.30 AM. From 3-20 to 3-30 AM, oil abhishekham, vakacharthu and Sangabhishekam are performed. From 3-30 to 4-15 AM.

Flower abhishekham is performed after alankaram. From 4-15 to 4-30 AM, Usha Neivedhyam is offered. From 4-30 to 6-15 AM, Ethirettu pooja is performed and this is followed by usha pooja. From 7-15 to 9 AM, Seeveli Palabishekhakam, Navrkabhishekam, Pantheeradi Neivedhyam are offered and after this, special pooja is performed.

From 11-30 to 12-30 AM, Ucha pooja is being performed, which is known as the noon pooja. The temple is closed from 1-30 to 4-30 PM. In the evening session, from 4-30 to 5 PM, Seeveli and from 6 to 6-45 PM, Deepa Aradhana is performed. 7 -30 to 7-45 PM, Athazha pooja neivedhyam is offered and after this neivedhyam, Athazha pooja is performed up to 8-15 PM.

From 8-45 to 9 PM, Athazha seeveli and after this, from 9 to 9-15 PM, Thiruppuka and Olavayana are performed. The Temple closes after Thiruppuka. On special days, special dance and music programs would be conducted after the Thiruppuka. Dance dramas are very colorful and they are performed by many professional artists, based on the leelas of Lord Krishna.

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