Go Air Chandigarh to Mumbai

Go Air is operating its Chandigarh to Mumbai flight twice in a day. Chandigarh is an important city in the northern India and the closest airport to may hill stations like Manali, Kasauli etc. Flights from Mumbai to Chandigarh and Chandigarh to Mumbai serve the tourist from Mumbai. Also, both of them are capital cities and that is why these flights cater to high profile people as well. In near future Go air Chandigarh to Mumbai flight may be increased because of the popularity of the brand and services.

The chart below can be referred to for flight information of Go air Chandigarh to Mumbai flights.

Origin Destination Flight No Dep Timing Arr Timing Flight Time
Chandigarh Mumbai G8-145 11:45 14:20 2:35
Chandigarh Mumbai G8-142 19:15 21:20 2:05

These schedules may change from time to time that is why it is best to check the latest schedules on www.goair.in or call

1800-222-111 (MTNL/BSNL)

09223-222-111 (GSM/CDMA)

Content updated in January 2020

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