Documents required for US Visa

For going to US along with the passport a valid Visa is also mandatory. To acquire one certain documents are required to produce in the Visa office. Fraud and misrepresentation can result in permanent ineligibility for a US visa.

In case your interview is scheduled in Mumbai’s US Consulate then all the documents are supposed to be submitted well in advance to VFS. Remaining documents have to be carried to the interview. Things are different with the Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and New Delhi. Here all the documents must be carried for the interview.

Mandatory documents required for US Visa

  • Passport
  • One photograph
  • Confirmation of online submitted form DS-160 with CEAC bar code.
  • Visa Fee receipt: fees to be paid in advance at participating HDFC bank before taking an appointment.
  • Original interview appointment letter.

Supporting documents required for US Visa

Most documents that your produce in the Visa office represent that your stay in the US is temporary and you shall return back.

Sponsorship documents required for US Visa

Self-sponsored documents show evidence of financial resources through property, employment/professional and financial documents, details of which have been given below.

Property documents required for US Visa

The property documents that are to be produced are given below.

  • If you have a residence outside the US, it can be shown via deeds to real estate.
  • Proof of property such as house, shop, godown etc. Original ownership papers must be carried. If you have taken a loan on any of these properties then you might not be having the original papers. In such a case estimation from a Chartered Accountant including land, flat, jewellery, etc must be produced.
  • Photographs of house, office, factory, shop or any other properties.
  • Personal affidavit regarding properties. Separate affidavit for each family member you support. These must be done on the CA’s letterhead and not a stamp paper.

Employment/professional documents required for US Visa

  • Letter of employment showing your designation, salary, tenure, period of authorised vacation, purpose of the trip.
  • If you are retired then the pension book
  • If you own a business then company registration certificate and income details
  • If running a partnership business, partnership agreement
  • If employed or have a business, your visiting card
  • If you hold a social or professional designation in the home country then a proof regarding that.
  • If employed in government services or armed forces then an NOC letter and a leave sanction letter.
  • If you hold a post in professional, religious or fraternal organisations, proof regarding the same.

Financial documents required for US Visa

  • Latest income tax return original copies for last three years.
  • Some bank balance of at least a few months before going for a visa.
  • Other financial papers such as fixed deposits, shares, life insurance policies, bonds etc.

Family documents required for US Visa

  • Family photographs of close family
  • Documents such as marriage certificate, birth certificates of any children etc.
  • Your family tree chart showing close relatives, names, ages, professions and the addresses.
  • If you are applying alone and your spouse and been to the US before, original passport of your spouse.
  • In case you have travelled outside the country in the past then the photographs during your visit

Prior visits documents required for US Visa

  • If you have travelled to the US in the past and have returned to the country in time than the proofs as per stamps in your passport or copies of plane tickets or boarding passes.
  • If you have been to the US earlier and applied for an extension of stay you must present a form I-797 extension of Status Approval Notice during your subsequent visa interview.
  • If any of your close relatives have been to the US and have returned on time, proof of the same.
  • Cover letter highlighting nature of the visit, reason of travel, outlining plans in the US, explaining why you will return to the home country. It must be present in bullet points and in less than one page.
  • You could include letter of invitation from relatives or friends in the US whom the applicant plans to visit.
  • For children below age 14 original birth certificates and valid parent’s visas.
  • List of names, addresses and phone number of all the persons whom you are going to visit.

Travel documents required for US Visa

  • Air tickets
  • Visitor medical insurance
  • Dependants joining their spouse must produce marriage certificate.
  • Purpose specific documents
Content updated in January 2020

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