Delhi Lucknow Travel Guide

Lucknow is the capital city of Uttar Pradesh, India and is also the administrative headquarters of Lucknow district and Lucknow division.

New Delhi Lucknow by Road

Lucknow is connected by road with all the major cities of the country. Some of the major road distances are:

Agra 363 km Allahabad 210 km Ayodhya 135 km
Kolkatta  985 km Corbett National Park 400 km Delhi 497 km
Kanpur 79 km Dudhwa National Park  238 km Khajuraho 320 km
Varanasi  305 km Dehradun 582 Km Chandigarh 738 Km

Travel tips by car

Total distance 550 Kilometers (Via Agra), travel time 8-10 hours

Route is Delhi to Agra 200Kms, Agra to Etawah 125Kms, Etawah to Kanpur 150Kms, Kanpur to Lucknow 80 Kms

If you plan to travel from Delhi to Lucknow by road, in car or Taxi plan to take national highway number 2 (Delhi-Agra-Etawah-Kanpur-Lucknow) as the roads are far better here than national highway 24, though the route is 50 kms longer. There are 7-8 toll booths on the way.

Places to stop for a quick break and snacks

McDonalds near Mathura

A1 Plaza in between Mathura and Agra

A1 Plaza in between Kanpur and Lucknow

Lucknow bus stand

The Bus Stations are situated at Charbagh, Alambagh, and Kaisar Bagh. The Telephone No for Roadways Inter State Bus Terminal Alambagh is: 0522-2458096, 0522-2458096

Buses from Sunauli-Bhairawa on the India/Nepal border stop on their way to Varanasi.

Some private tour operators also operate Volvo and deluxe buses between New Delhi and Lucknow

New Delhi to Lucknow by Volvo bus

Luxury public road transport like Volvo and deluxe buses from new Delhi to Lucknow route is negligible and people prefer to travel this stretch by train, air or selectively by cars/cabs. Reason being long distance of about 500 kilometers and easy availability of more than sixteen trains at different times of the day suitable to all.

Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC) operates one Volvo bus service daily from New Delhi to Lucknow

Lucknow to Delhi ( Distance 522 Km. Bus Fare: Rs. 701.00 )
Departure from Timings
Lucknow 19:30
Delhi 19:45

Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation Contact Details

Tehri Kothi, MG Marg, Lucknow – 226 001

Phones :+ 91 – 522 – 2228461, 2222363, Fax :+ 91 – 522 – 2274578

There are two private buses from Anand Vihar ISBT to Lucknow, both depart at a difference of about one hour in the evening after 8 pm. These are Volvo look alike sleeper coaches and good to use for overnight journey when train reservations are not available.


Taxis can be hired from any travel agent and is one of the most comfortable options to move around in the city without any hassles. You can also ask the hotel where you are staying to arrange a good taxi for you to explore the city.

Delhi Lucknow By train

A major railway junction, Lucknow is conveniently connected to many cities. Some of the important trains are

Swarna Shatabdi Express

This train has been awarded the ISO certification. The New Delhi Lucknow Shatabdi Express is the fastest train on this route. It takes just 6 hours to reach Lucknow. The train fare for AC chair car is Rs 700. Meals / snacks are served on board which are included in the total fare.

From Lucknow to New Delhi Shatabdi Express Train Number 2003

  Station Code Station Name Arrival Departure
LKO Lucknow Start 15:35
CNB Kanpur Central 16:45 16:50
ETW Etawah 18:03 18:05
ALJN Aligarh Jn 19:55 19:57
GZB Ghaziabad 21:25 21:27
NDLS New Delhi 22:05 Destination

From New Delhi to Lucknow Shatabdi Express Train Number 2004

  Station Code Station Name Arrival Departure
NDLS New Delhi Start 06:15
GZB Ghaziabad 06:44 06:46
ALJN Aligarh Jn 07:50 07:52
ETW Etawah 09:38 09:40
CNB Kanpur Central 11:20 11:25
LKO Lucknow 12:30 Destination

Train timetable Delhi Lucknow Trains

No Train Name Number From Departure  Arrival Lucknow Duration
1 Lko Swran Shtbd 2004 New Delhi 06:15 AM 12:30 PM 6h 15m
2 Neelachal Exp 2876 New Delhi 06:30 AM 02:15 PM 7h 45m
3 Avadh Assam Exp 5610 Delhi 07:55 AM 05:45 PM 9h 50m
4 Ndls Dbrt Rjdhn 2436 New Delhi 09:30 AM 05:30 PM 8h
5 Shc Garib Rath 2204 New Delhi 11:10 AM 06:30 PM 7h 20m
6 Gomti Express 2420 New Delhi 12:45 PM 09:25 PM 8h 40m
7 Shramjevi N Exp 2392 New Delhi 01:15 PM 09:15 PM 8h
8 Kashi V Express 4258 New Delhi 01:30 PM 11:00 PM 9h 30m
9 Bihar S Kranti 2566 New Delhi 02:30 PM 09:50 PM 7h 20m
10 Sapt Kranti Exp 2558 New Delhi 03:00 PM 10:25 PM 7h 25m
11 Asr Kir Express 5708 Delhi 03:30 PM 12:30 AM 9h
12 Sultanpur Exp 4014 Delhi 04:30 PM 03:25 AM 10h 55m
13 Poorabiya Exp 5280 Delhi 04:55 PM 02:10 AM 9h 15m
14 Dli Bsb Spl 2458A Delhi 06:15 PM 03:10 AM 8h 55m
15 Kaifiyat Exp 2226 Delhi 07:20 PM 03:05 AM 7h 45m
16 Dli Fd Exp 4206 Delhi 07:50 PM 04:20 AM 8h 30m
17 Padmavat Expres 4208 Delhi 07:50 PM 04:20 AM 8h 30m
18 Vaishali Exp 2554 New Delhi 07:50 PM 03:50 AM 8h
19 Gorakdam Expres 2556 New Delhi 08:20 PM 04:50 AM 8h 30m
20 Pbr Motihari Ex 9269 Delhi 08:35 PM 05:25 AM 8h 50m
21 Garib Nawaj Exp 5716 Delhi 08:35 PM 05:25 AM 8h 50m
22 Saryuyamuna Exp 4650 Delhi 09:15 PM 06:10 AM 8h 55m
23 Shaheed Exp 4674 Delhi 09:15 PM 06:10 AM 8h 55m
24 Farakka Express 3484 Delhi 09:50 PM 07:15 AM 9h 25m
25 Farkka Express 3414 Delhi 09:50 PM 07:15 AM 9h 25m
26 Lucknow Mail 2230 New Delhi 10:00 PM 06:50 AM 8h 50m
27 Nzm Lko Sup Spl 2230A H. Nizamuddin 11:30 PM 07:45 AM 8h 15m
Railways Enquiry New Delhi  

Roadways Enquiry New Delhi  

General Enquiry 131, 011-23366177 ISBT General & DTC Enquiry 011-22968836
Centralized Enquiry 011-23366101 Haryana Roadways 011-22961262
Reservation Enquiry 1345 Himachal Pradesh Roadways 011-22966725
Automated Enquiry (English) 1330 Punjab Roadways 011-22967892
Automated Enquiry (Hindi) 1335 Rajasthan Roadways 011-22961246, 22919537
Arrivals (Recorded) North/East/West/south 1331, 1332,1333,1334 U.P. Roadways 011-22968709
Departures (Recorded) North/East/West/south 1336, 1337,1338,1339 DTC Head Office 011-23354518
Shahdara Railway Station 011-22285251 Local Enquiry City Office 011-23371745
Flights between Delhi Lucknow
Airline Departure Arrival
Indigo 12:40 13:45
Jetlite 18:55 19:55
Jetlite 5:55 6:55
Jetlite 13:50 14:50
Kingfisher 7:25 8:30
Kingfisher 17:55 19:00
Kingfisher 13:30 14:35
Indian 16:30 17:25
Indian 8:05 9:00
Flights between Lucknow Delhi
Airline Departure Arrival
Indigo 14:50 16:00
Jetlite 7:25 8:25
Jetlite 15:30 16:30
Jetlite 20:25 21:25
Kingfisher 9:00 10:05
Kingfisher 19:30 20:35
Kingfisher 15:20 16:25
Indian 10:00 11:00
Indian 18:05 19:00

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