Delhi Chandigarh Trains

The Delhi Chandigarh Route is one of the busiest routes in Indian Railways, and to keep pace with the demands of the public Indian Railways has also matched its service in this sector both in terms of number of trains that cater to this sector, as well as frequency. Hence one can find a train to travel from Delhi to Chandigarh at almost any part of the day. Most of these trains reach Chandigarh within a span of 5 hours.

Number of Trains running between New Delhi and Chandigarh

There are 10 trains that cater to the Delhi Chandigarh Section. They are – Train No 2005 Kalka Shatabdi Express, Train No 2011 Kalka Shatabdi Express, Train No 2057 Chandigarh Jan Shatabdi Express, Train No 2217 Kerala Sampark Kranti Express, Train No 2925 Paschim Express, Train No 2653 Sampark Kranti Express, Train No 4095 Himalayan Queen Express, Train No 4217 Unchahar Express, Train No 2311 Kalka Mail, and Train No 2687 Chennai Dehradun Express.

Detailed Information about the Trains and Schedule / Timetable

Train No Train Name Train Type from Depart.Time To Arr. Time
2005 Kalka Shatabdi Express Shatabdi NDLS 17:25 CDG 20:37
2011 Kalka Shatabdi Express Shatabdi NDLS 07:40 CDG 11:05
2057 Chandigarh Jan Shatabdi Jan Shatabdi NDLS 15:00 CDG 19:05
2217 Kerala Sampark Kranti Sampark Kranti NDLS 11:30 CDG 15:40
2653 Kerala Sampark Kranti Sampark Kranti NDLS 11:30 CDG 15:40
2925 Paschim Express Express NDLS 11:15 CDG 15:52
4095 Himalayan Queen Express Express NDLS 05:40 CDG 10:28
4217 Unchahar Express Express DLI 04:25 CDG 09:55
2311 Kalka Mail Mail DLI 21:40 CDG 03:20
2687 Chennai Dehradun Express Express NZM 21:10 CDG 04:20


  • Some of the trains come from different place and pass through New Delhi on the way to Chandigarh.
  • The exact days of run may kindly be checked with the official Indian Railways time-table.
  • The exact fares may also be checked from Indian Railways.
Content updated in January 2020

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