Delhi Airport to Agra

Agra is easily accessible from Delhi by road, air and rail. Agra is just 220 kilometers from Delhi. If you want to go directly from Delhi Airport to Agra then you can take a flight or a taxi. Though the flights are not that regular and you may have to wait for the next connecting flight to Agra. There is one Kingfisher flight that flies daily at 7:55 am.

Apart from the flight there is regular taxi service available from Delhi airport to Agra. In fact Delhi is the transportation point for the tourists to Agra. There are many organized tour operators who can not only take you to Agra but also can be hired for the entire tour and local sightseeing in Agra.

Taxis can be booked online through and other similar sites offering their services exclusively between Delhi and Agra.  You can also take bus to Agra. This is cheaper option and you can easily get Volvo, deluxe and even ordinary buses are available for Agra.

Content updated in January 2020

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