Cochin weather in October

Cochin is a very famous tourist destination in Kerala. Like Kerala it is also blessed with rich natural heritage. Cochin is also known as God’s country, Gateway to Kerala and Queen of Arabian Sea as well.

It enjoys a tropical weather because of which is has now become a must in every tourist’s list. The factor that makes your visit to Cochin compulsory is its location. Cochin is surrounded by Western Ghats from the east and by Arabian Sea from the west and along with it; it is located very close to equator also. All these factors contribute for the tropical weather of Cochin. If you are planning a visit to Cochin then October will be a suitable time for it. Cochin’s weather in October is very moderate and you can enjoy the best of Cochin at that time.

Cochin’s weather in October ranges from 22 degree Celsius to 31 degree Celsius. It is an appropriate temperature to have fun with your friends and family. Overall Cochin’s weather in October is very pleasant and fit for all sorts of outings. Cochin’s weather in October might surprise you with sudden intermittent rains also so it is better to carry an umbrella in your travelling bag in order to avoid any adverse circumstances. Regarding clothing carry loose cotton clothes and light footwear with your self. There is no need to carry woolen items with you. Don’t forget to carry your beachwear and suntan lotion so that you are not deprived of any fun. Cochin’s weather in October makes the Cochin visit a memorable experience to all its visitors.

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