Cochin weather in December

Cochin is another very attractive and captivating holiday destination in Kerala. It is also known as Gateway to Kerala. Its exotic beaches and lush green scenic view makes it an appropriate destination for your holiday. Cochin also enjoys a very tropical and moderate weather so if you live in a city where summers are extra hot and winters are extra cool then you should allow yourself to indulge in a soothing weather of Cochin. Not only the scenic beauty but Cochin possesses commercial importance as well. Cochin also offers cross culture views by its colorful festivals and folk dances. If you wish to visit Cochin then try to plan your vacation in December month. Cochin’s weather in December is appropriate to enjoy all of its attractions.

Cochin’s weather in December ranges from a low average of 20 degree Celsius to high average of 30 degree Celsius. It is an ideal time to explore Cochin and enjoy all the other attractions like beaches and backwaters as well. Cochin’s weather in December also allows you to have an all time experience of houseboat vacations as most of the houseboats are available in the month of December only. If you are not comfortable with sudden temperature dropdowns then always carry some woolen clothing with yourself as Cochin’s weather in December often changes and moves to colder nights. But if you are comfortable then you don’t have to carry any extra clothes. Don’t forget to carry your beach wear when you are visiting Cochin else you might deprive yourself from the exciting beach water sports in Cochin. Plan you Cochin visit in the month of December to enjoy all the offerings of Cochin City to the fullest.

Content updated in January 2020

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