Cochin to Mumbai flights

Cochin is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Kerala. Like Kerala Cochin is also blessed with breath taking scenic view and natural beauty.

Cochin is also known as Gateway to Kerala. It is close to equator, sea and mountains because of which it has a very moderate tropical temperature. Its natural beauty along with its tropical temperature is a visual treat for all the visitors.  There are many ways to reach Cochin you can either take up a train or a flight. There are many trains and flights which run to and from Cochin everyday. Cochin has a very well made airport which is India’s one of the busiest airports these days. There are flights from Cochin to almost every other city. Talking about city like Mumbai, there are many Cochin to Mumbai flights running every day.

If you live in Mumbai and are planning to come to Cochin you can either come by a train or a flight and at the time of returning you can take up any Cochin to Mumbai flight and reach your home at the earliest. Find below the list of main Cochin to Mumbai flights along with airlines, number of days on which the flight runs, arrival time and flight number.


Airlines Days Arrival(Mumbai) Flight Num
4:30 Air India Daily 6:15 AI691
5:55 Air India Express Tue 9:20 IX412D
7:15 Indian Tue/Wed/Fri/Sun 10:10 IC596
8:30 Jetair Daily 10:15 9W406
9:00 Air India Express Mon/Wed/Fri 10:45 IX402D
9:00 Kingfisher Daily 11:30 IT121
10:15 Indian Daily 12:00 ICI166
11:40 Indigo Daily 14:30 6E338
13:00 Jetair Daily 14:40 9W402
17:10 Jetair Daily 18:50 9W404
17:10 Air Deccan Daily 18:55 DN720
18:50 Go Air Daily 21:05 G8452
19:45 Jetair Daily 21:35 9W408
20:45 Kingfisher Daily 22:35 IT121

So come to Cochin without any worries and enjoy the enthralling natural beauty of Cochin and while returning you can select any of the above mentioned Cochin to Mumbai flights and get back to Mumbai in no time.

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