chilkur balaji temple

The chilkur balaji temple is very popular in the Andhra Pradesh State. It is in Hyderabad. It is one of the ancient temples of Hyderabad and it is about five hundred years old. In fact, the temple is situated about twenty four kilometers from Hyderabad and it is a beautiful village.

When pilgrims want to visit chilkur balaji temple, they should find hotels in Hyderabad city itself, since there are no hotels in this village. The advantage with this temple is that it is very convenient for travelers to get down at Hyderabad, which is a popular city. This city has connectivity with all parts of India. There are regular train services and flight services also.

When travelers want to fly, they have to check with their flights, since it is possible to get cheap tickets to Hyderabad. When pilgrims arrive at Hyderabad, they can find many hotels in Hyderabad, which are available for reasonable prices. They can hire a car from Hyderabad to travel to this chilkur balaji temple. This is an independent temple and not attached with Endowments Department of Andhra Pradesh. The deity of Balaji in this temple is very powerful and people, who visit this temple, would gain everything in their life. Good new would be waiting for them, after they complete their dharshan of balaji of this temple and thousands of devotees have experienced this effect.

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