Chennai to Rameshwaram distance

Rameshwaram is one the most holy and pious religious destinations of Hindus. Every year thousands of pilgrims visit this place from all over the country.

Its sacred and holy atmosphere gives a lot of calm and peace to all the devotees. Distance is no bar for all the devotees who come from various geographies of India. May it be Jammu and Kashmir or Chennai; devotees from all over India visit this place to offer their worship. Devotees travel for many days to reach Rameshwaram and offer their worship. There are many people who come from Chennai to Rameshwaram every year. Chennai to Rameshwaram distance is a catalyst for the increase in number of people visiting from Chennai.

Chennai to Rameshwaram distance is 552 kilometers which can be covered in 9 hours and 4 minutes via road. There are many modes of covering this distance. You can opt for a trail, any private cab or buses to cover this distance. Chennai to Rameshwaram distance offers you amazing scenic and natural views. If you have a choice then travel Chennai to Rameshwaram distance through road so that you will not miss out of any natural view. So if you too live in Chennai then plan a trip to Rameshwaram and witness the power of temples of Rameshwaram

Content updated in January 2020

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