Chennai Mysore Chennai Shatabdi Express train

Shatabdi Express trains are a series of superfast passenger trains operated by Indian Railways to connect Metro cities with other cities important for tourism, pilgrimage or business. Shatabdi Express are day-trains and they return to the station of origin the same day.

The Shatabdis are among the fastest trains in India and the Indian Railways considers them as prestigious. The Shatabdi Express trains run over short to medium distances and they have a running speed upto 130 kilometers per hour. All the Shatabdi Express trains have one coach of first class air-conditioned seating. These coaches have wider leg room and offer better food compared to the normal Air conditioned seating (CC). New on-board entertainment systems have also been installed on some of these trains where the passengers can view movies and television serials directly via satellite.

Chennai Mysore Chennai Shatabdi Express train runs on all days of the week except on Tuesday, and it only halts at Bangalore on its course of journey from both destinations.

This train has two classes of journey namely First AC Tier and air conditioned Chair Car Tier. Comprehensive details such as train name, their numbers, days and other related information are provided underneath in the table.

Chennai Mysore Chennai Shatabdi Express
Details Chennai Mysore Shatabdi Express Mysore Chennai Shatabdi Express
Train Number 12007 12008
Days of Run Except Wednesday Except Wednesday
Originating station Chennai Central Mysore
Departure Time 0600 Hrs 1415 Hrs
Destination Station Mysore Chennai Central
Arrival time 1300 Hrs 2125 Hrs
Average Running Speed 71.43 Kilometers per hour 68.96 Kilometers per hour
Time taken 7 Hrs 7 Hrs and 10 Minutes
Distance covered 500 kilometers 500 kilometers
Fare AC 1 Tier Rs 1505 Rs 1570
Fare AC CC Tier Rs 725 Rs 765

Mysore Junction Railway Station

Station Code MYS

General Enquiry 131

Reservation Enquiry 132

It may please be noted that if you are calling these numbers from outside of Mysore then prefix it with the STD Code of Mysore which is 0821. For example if you are calling 131 then please dial it as 0821131.

Mysore Junction Railway Station is one of the main stations in Karnataka. It is a major railhead of South Western Railways. It is located just off Irwin Road, close to the city center. Mysore is linked to Bangalore by a broad gauge line. Meter gauge services are available to the rail routes connecting Mysore with Chamarajanagar (south) and to Arasikere (north-west). Regular train services that connect Mysore with Bangalore, Chennai and Thanjavur are available. Some of the main train connections include Mysore Express, Bangalore Express, Shatabdi Express, Tippu Express and Chamundi Express.

To help the travelers, a tourist information center is provided by the railway department. Computerized reservation facility is provided. The station has won awards for its chivalrous service. The major railhead towards the north-east of Mysore is at Mandya which is 37 kilometers from here.

Places of tourist interest in and around Mysore railway station

Mysore is a major tourist city of Karnataka. The city was the erstwhile capital of the state and hence has played an important role in the history of the state and of South India. Today it has developed into a modern city like many other cities in the country. But this city has not lost touch with its rich historical and cultural legacy. Mysore city is a favourite tourist destination in Karnataka. Tourist from within the country and from outside come see the splendour of the city of Mysore. The city has a number of places a person can visit. There are a number of Royal buildings, gardens, waterfalls, temples, museums and modern amusement parks.

The city of Mysore is known as the ‘City Of Palaces’. There are number of buildings built by the Royal family and are exquisite examples of Dravidian architecture and display grandeur and lavish life lead by the Emperors while they ruled the state. Apart from the Palaces there are number of other tourists’ attractions that one can visit in Mysore. One of the popular spots is the Chamundi hills and the temple on top of the hills. This prominent landmark of Mysore is a favourite destination for the locales as well.

The KRS dam and the adjoining Brindavan Gardens are worth visiting. The Brindavan Gardens is one of its kinds in the country. It is famous all over for its colorfully lit dancing fountains that come alive once the sun sets. There are three lakes in Mysore that have become a haven for migratory birds and are set in lush green surroundings that are relaxing and worth visiting. The Mysore Zoo is the oldest Zoo in the country and was set up by Maharaja Chamaraja Wodeyar in 1892.

The Zoo flourished under Royal patronage and was handed over to the Government after independence. Today the Zoo is equipped with the most modern facilities and is a pioneer in breeding animals in captivity. Another famous monument of Mysore city is the Philomena Church that has a relic of the 3rd century St. Philomena preserved in a catacomb in below the main altar. The Church is also famous for its 175 feet high spires. These are some of the important sights to see in Mysore city.

Amenities at Mysore Railway station

  • Waiting rooms
  • Retiring rooms
  • Computerized reservation offices
  • Tourist information centers
  • Medical and general shops
  • Restaurants both vegetarian and non vegetarian
  • Book stall and STD / PCO booths
  • Wheel Chairs and stretchers

Chennai Central Railway Station

Station Code MAS

General Enquiry 131

Reservation Enquiry 132

Train Arrival & Dep Chennai Central Station 133, 044-25353816

It may please be noted that if you are calling these numbers from outside of Chennai then prefix it with the STD Code of Chennai which is 044. For example if you are calling 131 then please dial it as 044131.

Chennai Central Station formerly known as Madras Central Station is the main railway terminus in Chennai (Madras). It is located in the northern part of Chennai. It is the home of the southern Railway and the most important rail hub in South India. Trains from here connect the city to New Delhi and prominent state capitals of India like Bhopal, Lucknow, Jaipur, Mumbai, Patna, Kolkata, Bangalore, Thiruvananthapuram etc. The building of the railway station, one of the landmarks of Chennai, was designed by the architect Henry Irwin. In 2005, the buildings were painted a creamy yellow colour, but concurring with the views of a campaign by the citizens of Chennai and also to retain the old nostalgic charm, they were repainted in their original brick-red color, which was how the buildings were built originally.

Amenities at Chennai railway station

  • Waiting rooms
  • Retiring rooms
  • Computerized reservation offices
  • Tourist information centers
  • Medical and general shops
  • Restaurants
  • Book stall and STD / PCO booths
  • Internet browsing centers
  • Wheel Chairs and Stretchers

Distances of major landmarks in Chennai from Chennai central railway station

Many landmark locations of Chennai Viz. Fort St. George, Madras Port, Marina Beach, Old Legislative Assembly Building, Chennai University, Chennai high court etc are all located within 5 kilometers distance from Chennai central station.

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