Rameshwaram tourism packages

Rameshwaram tourism packages There are many devotees who visit Rameshwaram every year because of its rich mythological and historical significance. The increasing number of tourist and devotees every year makes it clear how significant this place is for every Hindu. Often people don’t plan to go out and visit places because they think they cannot […]

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Basara temple timings

Basara temple timings Located on the banks of river Godavari, the Gnana Saraswathi Temple at Basara situated about 40 kms from Nizambad district head quarters and 70 Kms from Nirmal town of Adilabad district in Andhra Pradesh. The Saraswati temple at Basara is one of the two famous Saraswati temples in India, the other being […]

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Yadagirigutta temple timings

Yadagirigutta temple timings Yadagirigutta is situated about 60 kilometers from Hyderabad and this place is famous for Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple also popularly known as Yadagirigutta temple. It is an ancient temple and pilgrims from all parts of India and abroad, visit this temple regularly. This Lord is very powerful and people can feel […]

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Lotus temple in Delhi

Lotus temple in Delhi The lotus temple in Delhi, which is situated about twelve kilometers from Connaught place, is one of the famous temples of Delhi. This artistically built temple is the worship place for all religions, and people of all religions, from different parts of the world visit this temple. This temple was constructed […]

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Akshardham temple in Delhi

Akshardham temple in Delhi Whenever people travel to Delhi, they plan to visit many interesting places and about seventy percent of travelers never miss to visit this popular Ashardham temple. People are always interested in enjoying places, which have rich heritage and culture and this temple is one of the best places for pilgrims. Since […]

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Akshardham Delhi timings

Akshardham Delhi timings Akshardham temple is one of the popular temples of Delhi and travelers should not miss this modern monument site. The temple has majestic look, which has been built with Indian traditional architecture and wonderful imaginations. The temple of Swamy Narayan was opened for public dharshan, during November 2005. It is a great […]

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Srisailam temple timings

Srisailam temple timings The Srisailam temple opens at 4:30 AM in the morning. From 4-30 AM to 5 AM, mangala vadhyam is performed. From 5 AM to 5-15 AM, suprabatham is rendered. From 5-15 AM to 6-30 AM, Prathakala Pooja is performed and mangala aarthi is also performed. From 6-30 to 1 PM, Sri Dharshan […]

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Srisailam temple

Srisailam temple Srisailam is the most ancient temple of Andhra Pradesh State. It belongs to 1 AD, according to the available records. The temple is situated in Nallamala Hills of Karnool District of Andhra Pradesh. It is about two hundred and thirty kilometers from Hyderabad. Since it is in the middle, reaching srisailam is not […]

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chilkur balaji temple timings

chilkur balaji temple timings The Chilkur Balaji temple opens by 6 AM and continuous Dharshan up to 8 PM. Non stop darshan is the special feature of this temple and devotees do not have to wait for dharshan of Lord Balaji, when they visit during this time. Poojas and archanas are performed from 6- 30 […]

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chilkur balaji temple

chilkur balaji temple The chilkur balaji temple is very popular in the Andhra Pradesh State. It is in Hyderabad. It is one of the ancient temples of Hyderabad and it is about five hundred years old. In fact, the temple is situated about twenty four kilometers from Hyderabad and it is a beautiful village. When […]

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