New Delhi Mathura Travel Guide

Delhi Mathura Travel Guide Delhi Mathura by road

Mathura is situated between New Delhi and Agra on National Highway number 2. New Delhi to Mathura distance is around 150 kilometers and Agra is another 50 kilometers from Mathura. Mathura is connected to all the major cities of India, via a large network of the National

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Mathura Agra Travel Guide

Being two major tourist spots in India there are plenty of options available to travel from Mathura to Agra. There are two bus terminus in Mathura, which has bus services to Agra in every hour. The new bus stand is located near Hotel Mansarovar Palace. Bus travel from Mathura to Agra takes 1½ hour, the road is also good. The old bus stand no longer serves local destinations, but there a few buses to Agra.

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Mathura city Guide

Mathura is very famous as a pilgrimage destination and it is the birth place of Lord Krishna. This city is the heart of Uttar Pradesh. It is located on the banks of river Yamuna & is considered as the most religious place in the north.

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Mathura Hotels

There are lots of three star hotels in Mathura that are known for their outstanding services and the modern range of facilities. These hotels are conveniently located and provide quick access to the major places of tourist interest. Most of these hotels have modern room amenities like direct dialing, remote control T.V. set and central air-conditioning.

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Mathura Vrindavan travel Guide

The distance between Mathura to Vrindavan is only 15 kilometers and the easiest transportation to take between Mathura and Vrindavan is a taxi. The taxi takes about half an hour to traverse this distance and the fare charges is in the range of Rs 150-200 either side.

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Mumbai Agra Travel Guide

The distance between Mumbai and Agra is about 1340 Kilometers and it takes about 16-24 hours to reach depending upon the type of train taken. The shorter main link between Mumbai and Delhi is through Gujarat, but Agra does not come on that route. The nearest station from Agra for that route is Mathura at 70 Kilometers

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Delhi Agra Travel Guide

The distance between Delhi and Agra is 203 km by train. Train no.2002 (Shatabdi Express) travels everyday from Delhi at 07:10 hrs and reaches Agra at 10:00 Hrs. Taj Express is another train which travels regularly from Delhi to Agra.

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Mumbai to Mathura travel

Mumbai to Mathura travel

As Mathura lies on the main rail route between Mumbai and Delhi, there are a number of trains available between Mumbai and Mathura. All types of express and super fast trains like Rajdhani Express trains are Available on this route.

One has to book ticket from Mumbai to

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Vrindavan near Mathura

Vrindavan is about 15 km from Mathura, 65 kilometers from Agra, is also a major place of pilgrimage. It is famous and noted for its numerous temples numbering more than five thousand. Vrindavan is a maze of small streets, local bazars and everywhere you walk there are temples.

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Agra Lucknow travel Guide

Lucknow to Agra distance is 360 Km and travel time is 9 Hours. Distance map from Agra to Lucknow. Agra to Etawah 125Kms, Etawah to Kanpur 150Kms, Kanpur to Lucknow 80 Kms

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