Agra fort opening times

Agra fort opening times

Most of the historic monuments in India are open from sunrise to sunset. If you are planning a tour to Agra, which is just 4 hours drive from Delhi, then you should not miss visiting one of the world heritage sites, The Agra fort. If you have taken a tour package

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Agra fort entrance Fee

Agra fort entrance Fee

Agra Fort is one of the well known tourists’ attractions in Agra apart from the Taj Mahal. It is also situated on the bank of river Yamuna in Agra, India. You can visit this place and see the fort if you are interested in seeing one of the most robust forts

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Agra Airport to Taj Mahal

Agra (India) is easily reachable, particularly from Jaipur and Delhi. Agra has its own domestic airport which is also known as Agra Civil Enclaves and also recognized as Kheria Airport. The distance of Agra airport to taj mahal is just 6 km which approximately (5 miles), but it double via military airport in Agra. Both private and government buses including deluxe coaches operate from Agra airport to taj mahal.

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Agra Airport in India

Are you planning to spend your family vacations somewhere in India? One of the best locations in India is Agra. It one of the very good destinations for family vacations. New Delhi, the capital of India is just 200 km away from Agra. Agra is one of the most important tourist locations in India and mainly visited between Octobers to March.

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Agra Airport Flight Schedule

Airport of the Agra is known as Kheria Airport. Agra airport serves Agra city. The nearest fully fledged airports offering a choice of carriers are Delhi, Jaipur and Lucknow.

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Agra Weather Overview

The excellent time always depends on the place in India where you wish to spend your vacation. In fact the most appropriate period to spend your holiday is in the winter months and post-monsoon between Octobers to March.

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Agra Weather in February

Agra is one of best places to be visited in the month of February because weather is bit warmer during the day but then is comparatively cooler in the night. Agra Weather in February is just perfect for the tourists. It is not too cold in this months and the sun in not harsh on you. So you can enjoy your tour in just the perfect weather. It does not usually rain in February and that is why it is very comfortable season.

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Agra Weather in March

Agra Weather in March

Agra Weather in March is pleasant for the international tourists and is an off season from the Indian Tourists’ point of view. This is the time when the academic session and the financial year ends in India and that is why if you are getting a chance to visit Agra then

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Agra Weather in November

As far as Agra weather in November is concerned; it is really pleasant with moderate conditions of weather. Maximum temperature of the city during this time is about 28 degree Celsius and minimum temperature is about 13 degree Celsius. No precipitation is there these days and has almost zero humidity. So it is really the most suitable time to visit Agra city. This city is famous for many monuments and tourist places. It is historical city with great importance in during Mughal Empire. This was the main centre of power during that period.

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Agra Weather in December

If you are planning to visit the Agra on your own, you must keep the Agra weather in the December in you mind. In this month the temperature is low, winter is at its peak. So it is wise step to visit Agra in such weather. Minimum temperature of the month of December is 8 degree Celsius and maximum temperature is 23 degree Celsius.

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