Indian railways seat availability between two stations

Indian railways seat availability between two stations

If you are planning to travel somewhere through train it is always better to get seats reserved well in time as sue to large number of people travelling through this mode of transportation getting tickets confirmed might be problematic. To get your tickets booked the first step is

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Cancellation of Waitlisted e-ticket

The process of cancellation of Waitlisted e-ticket is extremely simple. If you have an e-ticket, it means you have booked it via the server of IRCTC, by creating & then logging onto your account, and then have booked the ticket. At the time of booking the pop-up window does inform you that you do not have confirmed berth / seat and do you want to book it under Wait listed category.

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Cancellation of I-Ticket IRCTC

I-Tickets are Indian Railway Passenger travel tickets which have been booked through internet using portal of Indian Railways. In this article we are providing comprehensive detail on how to cancel tickets thus booked, and the rules and regulations governing the cancellation of I-Ticket.

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Cancellation of Tatkal Ticket

Cancellation of Tatkal Ticket

Indian Railways introduced a new scheme – about a decade back – called Tatkal Ticketing System, which primarily was aimed at business class travelers who did not have the luxury of booking the tickets well in advance, and for people who need to undertake travel due to emergency situations.

Under this

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Cancellation of tatkal e-ticket

An e-ticket is booked online by the passenger and then the ticket can be printed from any computer / printer available. Tatkal-e-ticket can be booked anytime two days in advance of scheduled journey date till the preparation of charts which is generally 2 to 3 hours before scheduled departure of train

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Railways reservation cancellation form

Railways reservation form needs to be filled and submitted at the ticket counters for making reservation for any kind of railways ticket in India. The same form is applicable for all types of tickets like first AC, second AC, third AC and second sleeper coach and all type of trains like Rajdhani express, Duronto express, Garib Rath Express, Shatabdi express and other mail and express trains.

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Trains between Delhi and Mumbai

Mumbai New Delhi Sector of Indian Railways is one of the busiest routes with very high density of traffic in between these two cities. It is also one of the popular & important sections for the Indian Railways.

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Indian Railways Garib Rath Express Trains

The Garib Rath express train is one of the premier trains introduced by the Indian Railways in 2005 to provide fully air-conditioned travel to those passengers who could not afford the expensive tickets of the fully air-conditioned coaches as in Rajdhani Express and Shatabdi Express.

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Shatabdi Express Trains

Shatabdi Express trains are a series of superfast short distance passenger trains operated by Indian Railways to connect Metro cities with other cities important for tourism, pilgrimage or business which do not involve night travel. The word “Shatabdi” means centenary in Sanskrit, Hindi and several Indian languages. The first Shatabdi train was started in 1988 to commemorate the centenary of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru’s Birthday (the First Prime Minister of India) by Madhav Rao Scindia, minister for railways.

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Cancellation of e-ticket

Tickets cancelled before the preparation of the chart, that is, 4 hours prior to the departure of the train are refunded automatically. In case the ticket has been cancelled after the preparation of the chart an email has to be sent within 30 days to mentioning all the ticket details. IRCTC will then work out the whole process and refund the amount eligible for the passenger. This process might take up to 60 days.

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