Airline Ticket Codes

When we buy an airline ticket, there are many information are printed on the ticket. Some information which is printed on ticket like your name, price of the ticket and your destination is easy to understand but other information are in the encoded form like seating plan, name of airport and airline company. Airline ticket codes give information about the travel and booking.

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Spice jet Customer Care

Spicejet is awarded as the best low-cost airline in South and central Asia by Skytrax and along with good services the excellent customer care has also contributed to this achievement. Although the airline is based in Delhi but the spicejet customer care is available throughout the country.

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Spice jet Web check in

Spice jet web check in allows you to do online check in for your flight before 4 hours from the time of departure of your flight. You cannot do this earlier than 24 hours from the scheduled departure. This is a great facility to make your travel more comfortable.

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Spicejet Delhi to Bangalore Flights

Spice jet is India’s preferred airline because of its low cost and excellent services. The airline flies to 14 major airports in India and has at least 3 flights from Delhi to Bangalore daily. The chart below has departure and arrival time of Spicejet Delhi to Bangalore flights.

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Spicejet toll free number

Spicejet toll free number 1800 180 3333 is just one number that you have to dial for all your queries. You can dial this number for knowing the promotional fares and offers that you see in the advertisements. The customer service staff is updated with the latest information about the status of the flights, the new schedules and new flights

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Spicejet Ticket Cancellation

Spicejet Ticket Cancellation

Spicejet is completely a ticketless airline and you just have to carry a valid proof of identity. The booking records of the airline are considered for the reference. All the bookings made are non-refundable. The check-in counter closes 45 minutes prior to the departure of the light and if you show up

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Spicejet PNR Status

Spicejet is one of the best low cost airlines In India. With 11carriers Spicejet serves 14 major airports in India. You can book the tickets through all major travel agencies and directly through the website of the airline. Before you move out of your house for the airport it is always good to check the PNR status of your booking. Spicejet PNR status service can be accessed online.

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Spice jet Baggage Allowance

Spice jet Baggage Allowance

Spicejet baggage allowance per passenger without paying any additional charge is 20 Kgs. One can carry small handbags, reading material for flight, baby food, laptop etc. However just because of security reasons the cabin baggage is not allowed in the flights from Jammu and Srinagar.

On international flights there is no

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