Airline Ticket Codes

When we buy an airline ticket, there are many information are printed on the ticket. Some information which is printed on ticket like your name, price of the ticket and your destination is easy to understand but other information are in the encoded form like seating plan, name of airport and airline company. Airline ticket codes give information about the travel and booking.

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Kingfisher Airlines Contact Number

Most important thing about the Kingfisher airlines contact number is that it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. One can dial this Kingfisher airlines contact number locally. They have also facility of toll free number which can also be accessed from all major cities in India. They have also different numbers for different services.

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Kingfisher Airlines Baggage Allowance

As per Indian government safety regulation only one hand baggage is allowed per passenger in the flight. The dimension given by them is (L+B+H) – 55+35+25 total is 115cm this is the for the airbus aircrafts and for the ATR this will be (L+B+H) – 50+45+20 which total will be 115cm. And most important thing is that the total weight of the baggage will not more than 7Kgs

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Kingfisher Airlines Office in Mumbai

In India Kingfisher Airlines is very much reputed and undisputed market leader in aviation industry, with office in Mumbai (India), which is located at Kingfisher Airlines, Kingfisher House, and Western Express Highway.

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Kingfisher Airlines Office in Delhi

Kingfisher Airlines Office in Delhi

Kingfisher Airlines is now more than the brand today. Kingfisher is the biggest airline, which reaches the all majors parts of the India. Today Kingfisher covers the 61 cites of India and 8 international destinations.

Kingfisher Airlines operate large number of domestic and international flights from Delhi and that is

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Kingfisher Airlines Customer Care Number

One can easily get information about booking, web check in, hotels, flight status, schedule, group travel, special fares and travel insurance by Kingfisher airlines customer care number. These are some unique feature of Kingfisher airlines customer care number by which they serve their customer in better way than other airlines.

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Kingfisher Airlines Flight Status

Checking kingfisher airlines flight status is not at all difficult. Once you login to the website you can put your flight number and find out the status. Checking status of the flight can be important before you leave for your flight. Kingfisher airlines flight status can also be checked by calling the customer care at the below mentioned numbers.

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Kingfisher Airlines PNR Status

Passenger can check their Kingfisher airline PNR status online also. Only thing he has to do is to login into the website and go on the PNR status page and enter the PNR number he will come to know the details about the timing of his flight departure and if the flight is on time or not.

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Kingfisher Xpress Cargo

Kingfisher airline introduced India’s first xpress cargo which delivers material on the same day through their cargo airline. Kingfisher Xpress cargo provides this service from Chennai, Delhi, Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Kolkata.

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