Jet Airways Konnect Web Check in

The jet airways konnect web check in service can be availed while sitting at your home, when you are on the way or sitting idle at home. This online service actually saves a guest from the crucial waiting time that is spent at long airport queues. With just a mouse click you can avail the jet airways konnect web check in facility at

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Jet Airways Web Check in

Jet airways is one of the leading airlines growing at a remarkable speed. Offering the most customer friendly services is the reason behind their huge success. Online flight reservations, jet airways web check in, SMS alerts and 24 hours customer support are some of the important features that help the airline to outshine. Talking about the great features of jet airways one can list out bundles of attractive services. The jet airways web check – in services are appreciated by all travelers. The web check-in actually means checking in through online support offered by

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Jet Airways Flight Status

There are some important ways using which you can get the updated flight status. Personal enquiry, internet, SMS alerts, and contacting the customer care department to know the current jet airways flight status, are some of the important ways of enquiry. A few prominent methods of knowing jet airways flight status are

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Jet Airways Baggage Allowance

If you are planning to go out through any of the jet airways flight then you must know about the baggage limitations which are printed on the air tickets. As per the general rules and regulations a passenger can carry a single hand luggage irrespective of the class the passenger is traveling in. There are limits for all age groups and different passenger classes. However in case you need to take more quantity than you will have to pay an additional fee of 50 USD for each bag.

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Jet airways pnr status

Check the real-time pnr status of your reservation done at jet airways All travellers who are travelling Jet Airways can view the status of their reservation whether Confirmed or Waitlisted. Three things are required to check Jet airways pnr status.

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