Indian Airlines Baggage Allowance

Indian airlines baggage allowance policy is best but the permissible limits are similar to the other airlines in India. There are total three classes of travel are provided by the Indian airlines. The different class and their baggage allowed are as follows:

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Indian Airlines Mumbai Office

Mumbai is a wonderful tourist place and most important business center of India. Mumbai is visited by the thousands of visitors daily. Most of the people choose to travel by air which is the fastest mode of travelling. Seeing the frequent demand for increased air travel, Indian airlines started the flights which connect almost all the parts of India. Indian Airline head office is also based in Mumbai at Nariman Point. Mumbai airport is a hub for all the domestic and international flights which are landing and taking off here.

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Indian Airlines e Ticket

The e-ticket is booked through the internet. It is easier than the normal window booking because in the e ticket service all the options are available on your computer screen. In this service for getting the e-ticket, you have to select the options which are required by you. You can book Indian airlines e-ticket online from your office, home or any other location by filling the necessary details in your selected options. There are no requirements to visit airport or booking office to get hard copy of your ticket.

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Indian Airlines Delhi Contact Number

Indian airlines Delhi contact numbers are listed below. You can use these numbers to book tickets or if you want any of your grievances attended personally. You can call the Indian airlines Delhi contact number for updated local information of the flights.

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Indian Airlines Contact Number

Indian Airlines is one of the best airlines in India. This is one of the oldest airlines in India and is owned by government of India. Adapting the Indian culture this airline serves its guests just like the God. They believe in the customer first philosophy and that is why all the services are customer centric. The experience of travelling with Indian Airlines is one of the finest travel experiences.

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Indian Airlines Bangalore Office

Indian Airline is India’s one of the best flying brand. Today we should be thankful to the tradition of Indian Airlines that has kept the tradition of Indian hospitality alive. The latest unification of Air India and Indian Airline has made it leader in domestic market.

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Indian Airlines Ahmadabad Office

Ahmadabad is an important city in Gujarat and Western India. This is an industrial city and that is why the traffic to this city is increasing day by day. Indian airlines Ahmadabad office is managing all the operations of the airline in that region. Though Mumbai is the head office and not too far from there but the Indian airlines Ahmadabad office is also important because it is one of the main Airports of Gujarat

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Indian Airlines PNR Status

The airline has tried to facilitate its customers in every possible way and just like other services it is very easy to know your Indian airlines PNR status. You can do this visiting website where you can find your PNR status for ticket or by calling the help lines numbers.

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Indian Airlines Domestic Baggage Allowance

In the case of hand baggage the dimensions of the baggage should be 55CMS X 40CMS x 20CMS. It means it not more than 115CMS and weight will also not more than 8kgs. One important thing is that only one hand baggage is allowed. In the baggage you are not allowed to take any such thing which is not permitted by the airline like scissors, pocket knives, paste, gels and any liquid etc.

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Airline Ticket Codes

When we buy an airline ticket, there are many information are printed on the ticket. Some information which is printed on ticket like your name, price of the ticket and your destination is easy to understand but other information are in the encoded form like seating plan, name of airport and airline company. Airline ticket codes give information about the travel and booking.

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