Cancellation of Waitlisted e-ticket

The process of cancellation of  Waitlisted e-ticket is extremely simple. If you have an e-ticket, it means you have booked it via the server of IRCTC, by creating & then logging onto your account, and then have booked the ticket. At the time of booking the pop-up window does inform you that you do not have confirmed berth / seat and do you want to book it under Wait listed category.

If you have a waitlisted e-ticket, you sure have gone through this process. Coming to cancellation of waitlisted e-ticket, you just have to log onto your account in the IRCTC Portal, click the booked tickets history, and it would show your waitlisted ticket too.

Just select the option to cancel the Waitlisted e-ticket and the system will generate a transaction ID for the same, and send a mail to your registered e-mail ID for the Cancelled Waitlisted e-ticket.

Normally within two days time – after the cancellation process has been completed by you, IRCTC would send full refund of the ticket amount to your designated bank account, through which you originally made the payment at the time of booking of the ticket.

However IRCTC will deduct the e-booking charge which has been collected from you when you booked the ticket. This amount depends on the class of ticket. The lowest amount is Rs 20/-. This amount is basically the cost of the transaction incurred by Indian Railways in terms of creating and maintaining the infrastructure for you to book from the comfort of your home PC or Cyber café PC, without travelling all the way to the Indian Railway’s ticket booking counter, and sweating it out there in a long queue.


Cancellation of waitlisted e-ticket through IRCTC Portal is possible only up to 4 hours before the departure of the train. In other words, before preparation of the reservation of chart. If you miss this time frame, then you will have to go to the nearest railway reservation counter and cancel it there. The refund will be automatically remitted to your bank account through which you made the payment while booking the ticket.

Content updated in January 2020

9 comments to Cancellation of Waitlisted e-ticket

  • m h joshi

    what happens if W/L Ticket does not get confirmed. how one gets refund

  • Rupesh

    my question is that if a ticket is in the wait list then what will happen if it doesn’t get confirmed in case of Duronto Exp.

  • justin

    Fully Wait Listed Tickets:-

    Full waitlist tickets the tickets in which on one PNR, all the passengers are on waitlist PNRs are dropped from the reservation charts.
    Such passengers are not required to send online request for cancellation. Tickets will be cancelled automatically and money will be refunded in respective account electronically.
    On a PNR which has all the passengers on waiting list at the time of charting, the names of such waitlisted passengers will not appear in the charts and such passengers, if found travelling, will be treated as unauthorized and charged accordingly. However, on a PNR which has some passengers confirmed or RAC status and some on waiting List, all the names including those on waiting list will appear in chart.
    If Chart not prepared any of location such cases IRCTC will forward the claim to Concerned Railways to process the refund and money of refund amount will be credited back to same account through which payment was made after receiving the same from the concerned Railways.

  • kindly let me know as to what amount ( Head Wise ) will be charged by the Railways for cancellation of Electronic wait listed ticket in 3A class if cancelled more than 20 days in advance.

  • Can you advise if my tatkal waitlisted ticket will get cancelled automatically as I did not travelled, the current status was showing as waiting W/L 2.

    I guess the amount will automatically get refunded into my account or do i need to file tdr??

    Please confirm urgently..

  • H P Gupta

    If in a PNR few passengers are confirmed and some passengers waitlisted. Can these passengers travel with the confirmed passengers?

  • arsh

    in how many days will i get money back in case of automatically cancelled waiting list e ticket

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