Cancellation of an E-ticket booked on IRCTC website

In today’s hectic city life nobody has time to go to the reservation counters and stand in the long queues waiting to get the railway tickets booked for an outstation tour. With the facility of the internet and online reservation of the tickets, people prefer booking tickets online. This kind of a ticket is called an e-ticket. Getting an e-ticket booked and cancelled over the internet is easily possible by logging on to

Cancellation of an e-ticket procedure

Cancellation of an e-ticket is only possible through the internet by following the below given steps

  • Log on to and go to the section Booked Tickets.
  • Select the ticket to be cancelled
  • Now click on the cancel tab to cancel the ticket
  • Cancellation would take place now and it will be confirmed through an email
  • Refund of the amount as per the guidelines laid down by IRCTC would be made

Cancellation of e-ticket after chart preparation

Tickets cancelled before the preparation of the chart, that is, 4 hours prior to the departure of the train are refunded automatically. In case the ticket has been cancelled after the preparation of the chart an email has to be sent within 30 days to mentioning all the ticket details. IRCTC will then work out the whole process and refund the amount eligible for the passenger. This process might take up to 60 days.

Cancellations of e-ticket in case the train got cancelled

In case the train gets cancelled due to any unforeseen reasons the full refund is possible if the ticket is cancelled within three days.

Content updated in January 2020

3 comments to Cancellation of e-ticket

  • URBhattacharya

    no refund recd. after cancallation the e- rail ticket. 4 months passed

  • lawyer

    go to consumer forum. File a suit against railways

  • Pranav

    i was unable to board the train due to unavoidable reasons neither could i got the chance to get my ticket canceled on that day so can i get it canceled now after the a day when i was suppose to board the train……. plz give you’r expert comments….. need them urgent…..

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