Bandra terminus to CSTM

The Bandra Terminus, as distinct from the Bandra local suburban railway station of the Mumbai suburban railway service, is an important junction in the Indian national railway network and has regular long range trains scheduled regularly from its premises.

The Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (formerly known as the Victoria Terminus) is fondly called by Mumbaikars as CST or CSTM.

The marvelous piece of architecture of the ‘Victorian Gothic’ genre is an extremely famous and glamorous landmark of the city of Mumbai. It is arguably one of the busiest railway stations of the Mumbai Suburban Railway Service. The CSTM is the starting point of majority of the important local trains, the famous ‘veins of Mumbai’, and serves as the terminating point of the long distance trains of the Central Railways Service.

Bandra terminus to CSTM Distance

The approximate distance between the Bandra Terminus and the Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is 13 kilometers, i.e. 8 miles. The estimated distance between the Bandra suburban railway station is about the same.

Bandra terminus to CSTM travel by Train

The Mumbai Suburban Railway does not run a direct train service between Bandra Terminus and CSTM. One has to switch over to the local Bandra suburban railway station which is at a distance of about 1 kilometer (here is a map which would give a rough idea of the location and distance between the two stations Travelers can either walk their way to the station or hire a cab or an autorickshaw near the East side of the railway bridge. It will cost you Rs. 5 if you opt for a shared rickshaw or the minimum legal fare otherwise. From the Bandra suburban railway station the traveler has to catch a local train to the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. The ticket costs a meager Rs. 6 only

Bandra terminus to CSTM by Road

Traveling from Bandra Terminus to the CSTM by road is expensive and excruciatingly time consuming. You can hire a taxi which will cost you anywhere from Rs. 120 to Rs 150. Travel time will vary from 1 to 2 hours depending on traffic

Traveling by the BEST bus is significantly cheaper but even more tedious in terms of the traveling time. There is no direct bus service from Bandra Terminus to CSTM. Two of the area routes are number 2 and 11.  

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