Airline Ticket Codes

When we buy an airline ticket, there are many information are printed on the ticket. Some information which is printed on ticket like your name, price of the ticket and your destination is easy to understand but other information are in the encoded form like seating plan, name of airport and airline company. Airline ticket codes give information about the travel and booking.

Airline ticket codes are very important in the travel industry and necessary for the identification of airlines, its routes and related information. These codes are very important for smooth running of entire traffic control.

To know about the Airline ticket codes there are some useful information like in the center of the ticket written “carrier/flight” indicates the airline company name and the flight number. In the e-ticket see right to the airline code is known for class of your journey. This code tells about your class of journey like first class is coded by codes A and F. Code A means your ticket price is discounted. For business class C, D and J codes are given. J codes means your seating plan is premium. There are two places where airport code is printed. In the left corner of the ticket is the code for your source and destination airports and the other one is printed in the center of ticket. Each airport gives specific codes for unique identification. There is document number in the center of the airline ticket. This is used by the specific airline company to identify the identification number. It is very important for passengers that they do not scratch the codes because they are used for checking the ticket’s validity.

Some of the Airline ticket codes for the class of booking are given below:

Booking Class Class Of Travel
J, C, D Business Class
K, W Executive Class
S,N,H Economy Class

Airline ticket codes are not for use but they are meant for the airline. But if you still want to know just out of curiosity then call the customer services.

Content updated in January 2020

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