Ahmedabad Ajmer travel Guide

Distance 500 Kilometers, travel time 8-10 hours

Ahmedabad Ajmer travel by road

The distance between Ahmedabad to Ajmer is 512 Kilometers and it takes about 8 to 10 hours to travel by road depending upon the type of vehicle used. These two cities are connected by national highway number 8 that passes through Himatnagar and Udaipur.

Bus services between Ahmedabad and Ajmer, Jaipur

There are plenty of government and private bus services between Ahmedabad and Ajmer. The buses generally start in the evening and reach Ajmer early morning the next day. These buses go up to Jaipur. All type of buses Volvo, deluxe ordinary as per budget are available

Private Volvo bus operators between Ahmedabad and Ajmer

Eagle corporation Private Limited

Shop No 1 to 6, Sumeru Complex, Paldi Char Rasta Ahmedabad. Phone: 30078300-1-2,26577597-8

Timings:Jaipur – Ajmer Nathdwara- Udaipur Sector

06:30 AM Volvo,  07:00 AM Volvo Sleeper,  06:30 PM Sleeper , 09:30 PM Sleeper,  11:00 PM A.C. Sleeper,  12:30 Night Volvo

Shrinath Travel Agency

This travel agency runs daily air conditioned Volvo sleeper and sitting bus services from Jaipur to Ahmedabad via Ajmer

Sahajanand Park, Nr. Rajasthan School, Sahibaug Road, Ahmedabad – 380 004. Gujarat. INDIA. Phone: +91-79-2562 5351, 2562 5352, 2562 5353

Pandit Travels, 33, Kutchery Road, Opposite LIC building, Ajmer Phone. [0145] 2621 644, 2621 744

Punjab Travels

Punjab travel operates daily A/C Volvo bus services between Jaipur and Ahmedabad via Ajmer

Ganesh Bhavan, Opp Hajipura Road, Shahibaug Road, Shahibaug, Ahmedabad – 380004

Telephone numbers +91 79-25624114, 25620009, 26589200, 40069778

Ahmedabad Ajmer by train

There are several trains that run between Ajmer and Ahmedabad at different times of the day which is very convenient for passengers travelling to these cities from either sides. The distance between Ahmedabad and Ajmer is 514 kilometers and is covered in approximately 8 to 10 hours. Both express and super fast Rajdhani express trains run in this section

From  Ahmedabad the train pass through Mehsana, Palanpur Abu Road, Falna, Marwar, Beawar and finally reaches Ajmer

Trains between Ajmer and Ahmedabad
Train No. Train Name Origin Dep. Time Destination Arr. Time
238 JP BCT SF SPL Ajmer 7:20 PM Ahmedabad 4:35 AM
170 AII ADI PASNGER Ajmer 10:15 AM Ahmedabad 4:20 AM
2215 BDTS GARIB RATH Ajmer 5:05 PM Ahmedabad 1:20 AM
2215A BDTS G R SPL Ajmer 5:05 PM Ahmedabad 1:20 AM
2916 ASHRAM EXPRESS Ajmer 11:21 PM Ahmedabad 7:40 AM
2958 ADI SJ RAJDHANI Ajmer 2:51 AM Ahmedabad 10:05 AM
2990 AII BCT EXPRESS Ajmer 7:20 PM Ahmedabad 4:35 AM
2994A BDTS G R SPL Ajmer 5:05 PM Ahmedabad 1:20 AM
4311 ALA HAZRAT EXP Ajmer 8:40 PM Ahmedabad 6:10 AM
6209 AII MYS EXPRESS Ajmer 5:50 AM Ahmedabad 2:30 PM
6531 YPR GARIB NAWAJ Ajmer 5:50 AM Ahmedabad 2:35 PM
9106 HW ADI MAIL Ajmer 7:40 AM Ahmedabad 6:40 PM
9264 DEE PORBNDR EXP Ajmer 4:54 PM Ahmedabad 2:55 AM
9708 ARAVALI EXPRESS Ajmer 11:10 AM Ahmedabad 10:10 PM
9270 MKI PBR EXPRESS Ajmer 10:13 PM Ahmedabad 7:20 AM

Trains between Ahmedabad and Ajmer

Train No. Train Name Origin Dep. Time Destination Arr. Time
237 JAIPUR SUP F SP Ahmedabad 10:40 PM Ajmer 8:15 AM
169 AJMER PASSENGER Ahmedabad 11:15 PM Ajmer 3:25 PM
2216 DEE GARIBRATH Ahmedabad 7:40 PM Ajmer 4:08 AM
2915 ASHRAM EXPRESS Ahmedabad 5:45 PM Ajmer 1:45 AM
2957 SWARNA J RAJ EX Ahmedabad 5:25 PM Ajmer 12:37 AM
2989 AJMER EXPRESS Ahmedabad 10:40 PM Ajmer 8:15 AM
2993A DELHI SARAI R S Ahmedabad 7:40 PM Ajmer 4:10 AM
4312 ALA HAZRAT EXP Ahmedabad 7:25 PM Ajmer 5:15 AM
9105 HARIDWAR MAIL Ahmedabad 9:25 AM Ajmer 8:20 PM
9263 DELHI SR EXPRES Ahmedabad 12:50 AM Ajmer 10:50 AM
9269 PBR MOTIHARI EX Ahmedabad 12:50 AM Ajmer 10:50 AM
9707 ARAVALI EXPRESS Ahmedabad 5:35 AM Ajmer 4:05 PM
6210 AJMER EXPRESS Ahmedabad 7:30 AM Ajmer 5:25 PM
6532 GARIB NAWAZ EXP Ahmedabad 7:30 AM Ajmer 5:25 PM

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