Agra Weather Overview

India is an interesting tourist destination, with incredible culture and beauty. The country does not only have diverse culture but has various seasons where you can experience the extremes of each season.

The excellent time always depends on the place in India where you wish to spend your vacation. In fact the most appropriate period to spend your holiday is in the winter months and post-monsoon between Octobers to March.

If it is not possible for you to visit Agra in these months  then you can refer to the chart below and decide the best time for you according to the temperature and whether conditions.


Climate Condition

climate description

January Very Cold Temperature varies between -2 to 31°C. January is the average coolest month. The subzero temperature levels are common during nights.
February Moderately Cold Temperature varies between -1 to 35°C. February is moderately cold with night temperatures dropping to zero level. Days are warm.
March Pleasant Temperature varies between 6 to 43°C. Tourist activities pick up in March. Climate is pleasant and nights are cold.
April Pleasant Temperature varies between 11 to 45°C. The days are warm and offer great options of tourist activities in and around.
May Moderately Hot Temperature varies between 16 to 48°C. May is the last month to have outdoor tourist activities. Hot weather starts.
June Very Hot Temperature varies between 18 to 48°C. This month offers hot climate and tiring environment. Outdoor activities in days are not advised. Avoid heat strokes.
July Very Hot Temperature varies between 22 to 47°C. Hot summers make the outings very difficult. Nights are hot. Rainy season starts
August Moderately Hot Temperature varies between 21 to 42°C. Intermittent rains make the atmosphere bit cool. Not good for outdoor activities
September Pleasant Temperature varies between 17 to 40°C. Climate is bit warm but rains often make the climate pleasant.
October Pleasant Temperature varies between 9 to 41°C. October offers best period to carry out outings in Agra. The climate is fine and dry. The natural greeneries are attractive after rains.
November Moderately Cold Temperature varies between 2 to 36°C. Good season for visiting Agra and is suitable for relaxing moments and outdoor tourist activities.
December Very Cold Temperature varies between 0 to 30°C. Nights are chilly and days are warm.

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