Agra Weather in November

As far as Agra weather in November is concerned; it is really pleasant with moderate conditions of weather.

Maximum temperature of the city during this time is about 28 degree Celsius and minimum temperature is about 13 degree Celsius. No precipitation is there these days and has almost zero humidity. So it is really the most suitable time to visit Agra city. This city is famous for many monuments and tourist places. It is historical city with great importance in during Mughal Empire. This was the main centre of power during that period.

The most important place in the Agra is Taj Mahal and red fort. The most important thing about this visiting place is the attraction of tourist towards this place. People, if get chance to visit Agra, never miss the chance and weather conditions hardly matters but the most important time to visit the Taj is the month of November because Agra weather in November is pleasant during this period. You can enjoy the sight of Taj and red fort in such a nice weather condition.

As per the Indian calendar this is the month of most beautiful moon and you can catch the experience of the Taj’s unmatched beauty in the full moon of November.

Due to its geographical location, Agra is such a place which is unbearably hot during summer, heavy rain in rainy season and extremely chill during winter season. So a person should always plan the Agra visit in the transition period of the rainy and winter season which lies between September and mid of November. Due to this reason Agra weather in November is the most favorable time to plan a tour of the Agra.

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