Agra Weather in December

It is always a sensation if you are planning the Agra visit or you have a chance to tour the Agra city. Nobody wants to miss the chance of visiting this place whatever the season and weather condition. If you are planning to visit the Agra on your own, you must keep the Agra weather in the December in you mind. In this month the temperature is low, winter is at its peak. So it is wise step to visit Agra in such weather. Minimum temperature of the month of December is 8 degree Celsius and maximum temperature is 23 degree Celsius. During this month there is no possibility rain and has no humidity. The Agra weather of December is very favorable in the first half of the month but the second half is also good apart from the little trouble because of fogging. If fogging is there and you are in Agra, you should start your visit little late in the morning because fog of the night disappears till late morning.

People have a wrong concept in their mind about the Agra weather in December and they think that it is not good to plan Agra visit just because it is cold. However, it is fun to enjoy your tour in the warmth of the sun and enjoying hot Indian Cuisines with special north Indian tea.

Content updated in January 2020

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