Agra Airport Flight Schedule

Agra is a tourist destination and it is mainly famous for the Taj Mahal which is one of the wonders of the world. Here tourists come from all over world that is why Agra is well connected with the airport. Airport of Agra is total 7 kilometer away from the Agra city. It is purely a domestic airport that’s why it is connected with the major cities of India like Delhi, Jaipur and Lucknow. Initially only Indian airline flight was operating from Agra but now there are many other airlines which are giving their services on this sector like Kingfisher Red Service

Airport of the Agra is known as Kheria Airport. Agra airport serves Agra city. The nearest fully fledged airports offering a choice of carriers are Delhi, Jaipur and Lucknow.

The other domestic airports in north and western India which are close to the Agra airport and their distances are:

Agra to New Delhi – 180 kilometers, Agra to Lucknow – 300 kilometers , Agra to Jaipur – 218 kilometer     

All Flights to Agra are linked via Delhi i.e. If the traveler wishes to travel to Agra from Gwalior, then he or she will have to fly to Delhi and then he can fly to Agra. Delhi is the transit point on the trip to Agra.

Agra Airport flight schedule

Flight Name From To Dept Time Arrival Time

Agra  Delhi Flights

IT – 4368  Agra New Delhi 12:10     13:10    

Agra Lucknow Flights

IT – 4368  Agra New Delhi 12:10 13:10
IT – 3635          New Delhi Lucknow 17:50 19:25

Agra Jaipur flights

IT – 4368         Agra New Delhi 12:10 13:10
IT-4312 New Delhi Jaipur 18:30 19:30
IT – 4368         Agra New Delhi 12:10 13:10
IT – 4634 New Delhi Jaipur 19:30 20:30

Agra Mumbai flights

IT – 4368         Agra New Delhi 12:10 13:10
IT – 316 New Delhi Mumbai 19:30 21:30
IT – 314 New Delhi Mumbai 20:30 23:15
IT – 318 New Delhi Mumbai 18:10 20:10

To know more about Agra Airport flight schedule you can call at 91-562-302325 and 91-562-302348.

Content updated in January 2020

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  • Shamil

    My tour in shimla ends with Agra taj mahal – we want to reach Gir in Gujarat afterwards…
    whats the advice to reach Diu airport which is the closest to Gir??
    How much approx should a domestic flight be to Diu for an adult & a kid one way?

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