Delhi City Introduction

Delhi is a major city in Indian sub continent in south Asia in Indian peninsula, is the largest metropolis by area and second largest metropolis by population in India. Bordered by the states of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana its area is 1483 sq km. it is the national capital territory and compromises of cities of old and New Delhi. Its altitude is 239m above level. Population is 1,3782976 according to 2001 census. Literary rate is 81.82% and density of population is 9294 persons per sq km.


Languages spoken in Delhi are Hindi, English, Urdu and Punjabi.


Max temperature is 46 degrees Celsius and minimum temperature is 04 degrees Celsius. Seasons of Delhi are winter from December to February. Spring season is from March to mid April, summer season is from April end to august and autumn is from September to November.

Best time to visit Delhi

Best time to visit Delhi or north India is from October to march with day temperature between 21 and 30 degree centigrade. This season also co exits with abundance of festivals and cultural events especially from October to December.

The heritage and legacy of the city in the form of its numerous historical monuments with discotheques and malls of the present time. While going through the city mesmerizing charm is reflected through well composed and spacious streets under the shade of beautifully lined avenues of trees.

Delhi has a rich heritage of skilled craftsmen. Delhi in olden times gained its importance in arts, crafts and industries like Jewellery, embroidery, silver vases and bowls and tea sets, ornamental jewel boxes made of brass, silk and silk embroidery, ivory carvings, handloom, textiles, copper and brass utensils.

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